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Domestic is an on-going project inside my home located in Savannah, GA. The work focuses on self portraiture and interior landscapes. The images speak about the dichotomy of being comfortably alone within my own space while wanting to share the space with a significant other. The work shows scenes of my daily habits and observations of the home. The self portraits are distant and discreetly captured by my camera; a surrogate for another person I have yet to realize. Through careful, photographic observations of the home I am seeking what I have and what I am missing.

The title Domestic uses the word’s multiple definitions. It can mean, of or relating to the home, household affairs, or the family. Domestic can also mean, no longer wild. As I venture into new stages of my life I have matured in unexpected ways. As an only child, being the center of attention became expected in my younger years. Now, entering my 30’s, those expectations have shifted.